The Vision

Hope is the feeling that something good could happen. There isn’t enough of it. What if churches could restore hope to our community? It is possible.

Hope Week is all about the churches of LaSalle Peru setting aside their differences in order to bring hope to their community. As churches, we have a multitude of different beliefs and practices. But, what we have in common is far greater than what divides us… namely, Jesus.

We are asking churches across LaSalle Peru to join together, but not in a church service, event, or meeting. Instead, we want the churches to come together to serve their community like Jesus did. (Mark 10:45)

Think about what would happen if a multitude of churches stepped out of their church buildings and into their community. Think about what would happen when people see churches laying aside their differences and joining hands in service to say, “We love this city and we love it’s citizens.”

It will shock the systems of those outside the church. It will bring about HOPE.

It is possible. It is time.